Same day and walk-in appointment

What is a Walk-In Appointment?

A walk-in appointment is a medical appointment that you do not schedule in advance. You simply show up at the doctor’s office or clinic and wait to be seen. Walk-in appointments are typically for urgent or unexpected health needs.

Same-Day Appointment Meaning?

A same-day appointment is a medical appointment that you schedule and is seen on the same day. Same-day appointments are typically available for urgent or unexpected health needs.

Call :

  1. 612-871-2312 for Crystal Clinic
  2. 320-774-3800 for Sauk Rapids/Crystal Clinic

Odam Medical Policy for Same day and Walk-ins

We allow same day and walking appointments for patients who are already established in our Electronic Health Records.
We also take new for same day and walking appointment. It may take a little longer to see but we will get all seen within the quickest possible time. We are good at that.

The following visit does not require an appointment

  1. Covid -19 vaccine.
  2. Flu vaccine during the Flu Season.
  3. Screening for Tuberculosis blood test.
  4. Screening for Sexually transmitted disease.
  5. Screening for Diabetes.
  6. Screening for Low iron or anemia.
  7. Vaccination for adults who do not have insurance who need Tdap, Hepatitis B, MMR of Varicella (Chicken Pox) Boasters