Mobile Healthcare

Odam Medical Group has a Mobile Healthcare service that uses a Mobile Medical Unit to provide the same excellent care offered in our clinic’s office sites. It is currently operated on Fridays and Weekend to meet the needs of patient who have weekday work and school scheduling conflicts. Such conflicts prevent many Minnesota residents from getting the care they need. Others have transportation issues that are acute and by going to the residence of the patient such needs a fully addressed. We encourage patients to use this new innovative convenience service which is very cost effective.
What is a Mobile Medical Unit.

It is a Place of Service of medical care delivery defined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services as: A facility/unit that moves from place-to-place equipped to provide preventive, screening, diagnostic, and/or treatment services. (Effective January 1, 2003)
Services offered.

  1. We provide all the same services as we do in the clinic space with no waiting because we come to you at your place of residence. (House or apartment).
  2. We offer INR testing and weight management services on the Mobile Clinic.
  3. We see all family members with no limit on how many can be seen on that day.