Your specialist in Primary Care Medicine and Community Health

The purpose of our medical office and healthcare enterprise is to deliver medical care that is appropriate for each patient, individual and family because we recognize and appreciate that each one of us is different. Your social and economic needs make health a needed priority which must be delivered in a timely and cost-effective way. Our current services meet many of your needs. Should you need care that requires other specialist services, we have many care partners who will provide that care. We guarantee that you will have the care you need in all our clinics. We serve patients and communities in the clinic or on our mobile clinic.

Our purpose and promise to patients

Our working philosophy to the Families and patients we want to serve are threefold.
  • Preventive Care: We provide preventive care to all ages from newborn babies to adults of all ages.
  • Acute care: We strive to provide prompt care for acute illness to help our patients and families recover well so they can get to their daily life in full health.
  • Chronic care: We give our patients with chronic diseases the opportunity to reduce the effects of long-term disease complication and keep them out of Hospital.
Here at Odam Medical Group we first listen to our patients and their needs. We then apply current evidence based medical knowledge and diagnostic testing to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment. We promise to evaluate your health problem in detail and provide you with all options of care.

Founder and CEO spotlight

Dr. Robert Larbi-Odam is a Physician Executive with over a decade of on the ground experience building clinical practice organizations in medical underserved and health professional shortage areas. With the growing levels of disparities in the healthcare of many populations of patients, his clinical organization seeks to leverage current Health Information Technology and Population Health analytics in combination with basic public health science to generate quality care and better healthcare outcomes. His vision is to create easy access to healthcare and close gaps in care.