In House Diagnostic testing

We offer multiple tests in house at our clinic sites. These include urine test for infections, Blood glucose testing, Hemoglobin screening, Strep testing, Covid-19 testing and Flu testing. All other testing is completed at a Nationally accredited reference lab after the blood is draw by our staff in the clinic Lab, proceeded and it is picked up by the Lab company.
We have in-house X-ray for imaging to help with our diagnosis.
In House List:
  1. Point of care labs for blood sugar, hemoglobin, pregnancy test, strep testing, urine test for infection, Mono test, Covid-19, and flu testing are done in the clinic at all locations and on the mobile Medical Unit.
  2. Moderate and High complexity labs are conducted through Quest Labs services.
  3. Basic X-rays are performed at our Crystal location.
Diagnostic test requiring a referral to our Specialty Partners:
  1. Cardiology testing
  2. Vascular testing
  3. CT scans
  4. MRI
  5. Ultrasounds
  6. Nuclear Medicine Testing